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The world of PR has changed drastically over the last few years. It’s all about social media now and the world of social media influencers is HUGE. At Healthy Lifestyle PR, we specialize in Influencer Marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing? An influencer is someone who has a large following in a niche industry. By having top influencers in your industry endorse your brand, business, or products – you build instant credibility, create awareness, and increase sales. 

There’s an endless world of bloggers and social media influencers that we could work with to help promote your brand. We will research and pitch you to the influencers that would be the best fit to reach your target audience.  

< These three photos on the left are examples of Instagram posts that we coordinated to help promote our clients Blender Bombs. 

@LaurenKaySims is an Instagram Influencer with over 200K followers. She posted a giveaway to help promote Blender Bombs, resulting in over 8,000 likes. That’s over 8,000 potential customers! Everyone’s on their phones nowadays and Influencers have a huge reach.

@NoBread is another Health & Wellness Instagram Influencer with over 150K followers. With just her one post about Blender Bombs we were able to reach over 3,500 potential customers. 

You can see how having an Instagram Influencer post about your brand is a great way to get the word out and reach new potential customers. Having several influencers post about your brand all at once is even better! Keep in mind that the bigger Instagram Influencers will charge a fee (anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand $), rightfully so, it takes time to try your product, take the right photos, and share it with their followers. But each post, no matter how big or small, is an opportunity to reach new potential customers.

Our goal is to coordinate as many placements as possible to get the word out about your brand. There are so many options for collaborating with influencers (giveaways, instagram stories, instagram posts, YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter posts, blog posts, Instagram TV, guest posts). We will coordinate a variety of placements to promote your brand on a variety of platforms.

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