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Profit Starts With PR! Why You Need a Publicist to Help Promote Your Restaurant

Have you ever heard of Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsay, Melissa Hartwig, or Tom Colicchio? It’s likely that most people will recognize these names. How is it possible that so many chefs, restaurants, and cookbook authors are now known, not only by food connoisseurs, but by everyday people?

The fact is that the media has created a culture of people far more interested in food than ever before. From the Whole30 to the Paleo diet, Juice Cleanses, Bone Broths, and television shows like Chopped and Top Chef. The media is filled with health and wellness, food and nutrition related articles. Every restaurant, chef, or cookbook author that wants to make it big needs a publicist to help get their name out there.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of PR

PR is what makes a big difference in building a brand and creating awareness. Harnessing the power of PR to inform people about you or your business is an effective way of delivering your message to a huge number of people at the same time. You can reach consumers through a variety of outlets, including newspapers, magazines and other printed publications; television or radio; or online outlets such as websites, blogs and social media.

Don’t Wait to Be Discovered

Perhaps you don’t expect to be the next Nekter Juice Bar, but you are most likely working tirelessly to get noticed. In order to be a restaurant or chef that people are talking about, you must have a publicist. A publicist can help get customers in your restaurant and excited about what’s on your menu. Quality publicity and marketing are key to generating interest and excitement.

Every restaurant or chef that wants to make it big needs a publicist. Whether starting up a new restaurant or revitalizing one that already exists – you need a publicist in order to get noticed. A publicist can help build credibility by generating write ups about your restaurant on blogs and websites, as well as in newspapers and magazines. A publicist can also coordinate TV and radio interviews, social media placements, and more to get the word out.

Good word of mouth is essential, but not a cure-all when trying to get off the ground. The world is too big and you have too much competition. A public relations campaign that is specific to you and to your needs will get your restaurant noticed not just locally, but nationally, and possibly even internationally. A publicist will reach out to your local foodies and restaurant reviewers. They can also help increase your yelp reviews by reaching out to local residents and influencers – inviting them in to try out your restaurant – a complimentary happy hour special or meal for two – in exchange for a yelp review or mention somewhere else online. They can also get your restaurant featured in a variety media outlets such as Bon Appétit, Los Angeles Times, SAVEUR, Huffington Post, Eater, Cooking Light, Food & Wine Magazine, etc.

Take your PR as seriously as you take your food and your restaurant and you will see the development of a consistent customer base. PR is a long-term investment, but you will see your brand and reputation continue to grow over time.

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