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How to Use Influencer Marketing to Promote Your Business

Placing your product directly in the hands of influencers is a great way to get the word out about your brand.

How do you get influencers to share your product with their followers? Shoot them an email and ask if they would be interested in trying your product. Offer to send them complimentary samples and then if they genuinely like your product, they likely will share it on their Instagram or other social media channels. Start with smaller influencers first, as they typically won’t charge a fee. The bigger Instagram Influencers will (anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand $), rightfully so though, it takes time to try out your product and take the right photos. But each post, no matter how big or small the influencer is, is an opportunity to reach new followers – build your brand and increase sales.

We specialize in influencer outreach. If you need help promoting your brand or products, let us know! We can target the right influencers to share your brand message and reach your target audience. Through genuine content (no #ad).

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